Questions about RSS Subscriptions? We have a podcast subscription FAQ as well.

Files and Feeds

What file formats does CastingWords accept?
How is my transcript delivered? What is the file format?
How do I convert my WAV file to MP3 format?
What types of feeds does CastingWords handle?
Do you accept downloads from third-party file sites such as YouSendIt?
Can I upload my files via FTP?


What is transcription?
Do you have a sample transcript?
What languages does CastingWords transcribe?
What does it mean that you crowdsource transcription?
Do you guarantee confidentiality? Do you sign NDAs?
Does CastingWords transcribe special content such as song lyrics or commercial breaks?
Does CastingWords transcribe onscreen content in videos?

Turnaround and Pricing

What is your guarantee policy for 1-Day and 1-Week orders?
Why can't you guarantee turnaround on longer files?
What influences turnaround?
Is the price really per minute of audio?
What forms of payment does CastingWords accept?
What is your refund policy?

Upgrades and Extras

Do you transcribe verbatim?
What are the minimum standards for audio quality?
What is meant by difficult audio quality?
How many speakers are too many?
Can I speed up my order or add upgrades after the fact?
What's the difference between the Timestamps upgrade and Subtitles/Captions?

Using the Site

How do corporate accounts work?
What kinds of notifications will I receive?
What is the "Notes" field for?
How can I get help?
Are you hiring?