What subtitle and caption formats do you offer?

In addition to the standard Word, Text, and RTF formats, transcripts that include the Subtitles/Captions upgrade include an audio tracking HTML page, SRT captions, SRT subtitles, VTT subtitles, DFXP subtitles, and in a simplified VTT format that omits the <v> tag, as some platforms do not yet support this VTT standard feature.

This assortment of subtitle and caption formats can be used on platforms such as YouTube, Wistia, and Facebook, or allow you to self-host your subtitled video files.

Additional formats such as SCC, SSA, STL, and a minimal TTML are available on request. Webm or ogg files (for better compatibility for self-hosting) can be provided for a fee. Email us at support@castingwords.com to discuss your needs.