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About our Audio Transcription Services

Quality is King

We catch the difficult words, do the research, and produce rocking transcripts. And it shows: read what our customers have to say in their reviews.

Our transcripts are 99% accurate - and if for any reason you don’t like the result you can request a new edit right from the customer center with just the click of a button.

Clear Pricing

We price per minute of audio or video so you know how much you'll be paying for your transcription - now. No surprises.

Lots of Formats

Transcripts are delivered in plain text, HTML, and MS Word formats. Captions in SRT, VTT and DFXP. Other output formats are available.

We transcribe from nearly any DRM-free audio or video file, and URL sources from most popular streaming sites.

Responsive, Personal Support

Got a question? Shoot us an ! Our support team's first reply time is more than 12 hours shorter than the industry average.
We were constantly surprised that phrases or names that other companies missed, from "tabula rasa" to "turducken" (it's a Cajun specialty), were identified and spelled correctly.
Wall Street Journal

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Our Customers Say

I CastingWords.

"CastingWords seems like a magic trick to me—I babble for an hour, upload an MP3, and, somehow, they turn that into paragraphs. In, like, a day. It's nuts. Like making a lady disappear. Love these guys"

I also really appreciate your professionalism, prompt responses, and help.

"I had gone through three other companies before I found yours and it was a nightmare with those other three and such a gift to have found CastingWords. Your website is incredibly easy, appreciate how seamless the billing is and a relief that the documents are there for access at anytime. Your fees are the lowest for the highest quality."

We always come back to CastingWords.

"As an institution, we’re regularly invited to try other transcription services — but after each free trial ends, we always come back to CastingWords. Other companies’ products, customer service, and rates just can’t compete!"

This service is a keeper.

"I really love CastingWords. It is so great that one less thing in my Internet business requires me to deal with finding my a service provider myself. Not only is it cheaper than a solo transcriber would charge, the results are more predictable and it takes all of 2 minutes to request and pay for a transcription."
Chris Crompton


"The Polish proper names were almost perfectly transcribed. Wow! Thank you!"
Sarah M.

High quality, easy to use, reliable audio transcription services

Whether you have a couple of 30-second audio clips, hundreds of focus group recordings or need an transcription API integration, CastingWords has a transcription service that meets your needs. Researchers love our Budget service for thesis interviews or research studies.

Adding the timestamps upgrade allows journalists and reporters to zero in on quotable material when writing articles. Podcasters get episode transcripts for a great SEO boost, and of course the captions upgrade allows any transcript to be synced to video recordings to create onscreen subtitles or captions.

Choose from our Budget, 1-Week, or 1-Day turnarounds, all with high accuracy and the consistent results you’ve come to expect over the last 12 years. All of our transcription and editing is done by human transcribers, backed by custom QA and workflow software, to ensure quality and provide you the best transcription services available. And we back this all up with high quality customer support, to deal with special requests, and tricky problems.

With our simple interface and straightforward pricing, there are no surprises. Submit your streaming, video, or audio transcription requests via direct upload, Dropbox, Zapier, FTP, API, RSS, or simply provide a link to your YouTube or other hosted content. Then choose your product, add verbatim service or other upgrades if desired, get your pricing, pay and we'll get to transcribing!

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