Audio Transcription API

CastingWords REST API lets you build transcription right into your company's workflow. It's fast for programmers to get up and running and the time savings can be considerable.

The API supports all services we offer, the same inputs, and the same output - so there's no need to transcode before upload, nor muck with the output formats. All of our products are available, in the same format as always. (Note: Additional Bulk products are available inquery to customers who qualify, and most API customers do).

Getting Started

Using the API requires a free CastingWords account -- please sign up for one of those first. Once activated, retrieve the API key from your settings page. Transcription can be prepaid prepayed here, or can be paid by credit card. After that it's off to the Technical API Documentation to get things rolling.


The API's workflow is that of the site:

  1. Upload, or post a your link to, your audio
  2. Confirm Order (can be combined with step #1)
  3. Recieve notification of completed transcript. (Webhook, RSS feed, or email)
  4. Download finished transcription (Text, Word Doc, RTF, HTML)