Transcription Rates - Castingwords

Budget Transcription

$1.00 a minute

Our most affordable transcripts; quality results for people with a flexible timeline. Our Budget product is ideally suited to larger projects such as dissertations, research, and enhancing accessibility by adding transcripts or captions to existing audio and video libraries.

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1 Day Transcription

$2.50 a minute

Our highest quality transcripts, with the fastest turnaround. When time is of the essence, get your webinar, interview, or event transcribed within 24 hours or your money back. Combine 1 Day transcription with our API option for hands-free transcription that keeps your workflow moving.

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1 week Transcription

$1.50 a minute

High quality transcription in your hands in under a week! Our 1 Week transcription service is an excellent value for money, and the top choice for our customers who publish podcasts, conduct journalism research, and hold business meetings.

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