What is the "Notes" field for?

There are two ways to add notes to your order. You can use the Notes field on the order form to add comments to files individually, or set up a permanent note that will appear on every file you order. (Or both!)

Adding notes lets you provide information to help the transcribers and editors who work on your file do a great job. You can provide names of speakers, any potentially tricky technical terms, acronyms, company names, unusual spellings, etc. You can include links to any resources (websites, glossaries, slide decks, event schedules, etc.) to provide context, vocabulary, or other info related to your topic.

Notes can also contain special requests about the transcription itself. For instance, you may ask our transcribers to omit an interruption that occurs mid-conversation, or to skip a minute or two of chit-chat at the beginning or end of an interview. (However, if you want to skip a substantial amount of material, please trim your file prior to upload, as our system bills on the basis of your file's duration, not its contents.)

Keep in mind that the quality of the notes directly affects the quality of your final transcript, by helping our transcribers and editors understand the context of your recording, and pointing them in the right direction for any further research they may need to do.

To set up a permanent note, visit your Account > Settings page and enter the desired text in the "Notes to Transcribers" field before you upload your files. This text will appear on every file you order. You can still fill in the Notes field for individual files when you place your order; both notes will be included with your file.

If you have questions, comments, or requests for CastingWords staff (as opposed to the transcribers and editors), please contact us via email at support@castingwords.com.