Why can't you guarantee turnaround on longer files?

The initial transcription of your file is the most labor-intensive step, but it can be split up and completed by many people working simultaneously. As long as your audio quality is reasonable, transcription can therefore be accomplished fairly efficiently, regardless of file length.

However, for reasons of quality and consistency throughout your document, the editing stage must be done by a single person working on the whole file. Editing can only begin after every single transcription segment is complete. An edit can take several times the duration of the audio, and some files receive more than one edit.

Similarly, timestamps (if you order them) can only be applied once the edit is complete, and this process also takes longer for longer recordings.

As a result, turnaround slows dramatically for longer files, and we cannot guarantee turnaround time, particularly at the 1-Day level, on files that are over one hour in length.

If you don't need timestamps, you can get faster turnaround by splitting longer files into multiple one-hour segments before ordering. You can still order all the segments at once; they will be processed as independent files and each one will be delivered as soon as it is complete.