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Does Video Transcription Ruin The Viewing Experience?

One big question has come up within the world of transcription, largely from people on the fence about it: Does transcription ruin the viewing experience for people who don’t expressly need it for accessibility? It’s an understandable concern. We take so much time to make sure that our websites are open to anyone who may want to visit them. There are lots of factors to consider. Will fixing one part break another?…

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I want to order a transcript. Where do I start?

Placing an order with CastingWords is as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Choose your product Turnaround We have three basic transcription products, differentiated by turnaround time: 1-Day Transcription Service puts a transcript in your hands in 24 hours or less. 1-Week Transcription Service is the same great transcript, with a one-week turnaround. Budget Transcription Service is an ideal choice if you have a lot of material and aren’t as pressed for time.…

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