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How to Make the Most of Your Webinar Material

Completing a webinar can be difficult and feel like enough of a process all on its own! But once you have a full hour (or more) of educational material, it behooves you to continue to put that content to work for you going forward.

Webinars can continue to be useful after completion, serving your company in unforeseen ways. You just have to think a little bit outside the conventional format.

Consider: Where does the webinar fall within your sales funnel? What stage of awareness are your customers at when they finally decide to take the risk and sign up to attend?

The answers to these questions will inform you on where and how you can further distribute your content in ways that most benefit your customers and your company.

The original broadcast may be over, but the benefits can continue for weeks and months beyond the event.

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Use segments as social media or teaser copy

When you take the step to make a transcription of your webinar, you’re suddenly gifted with all the material you’ve spoken aloud—as pure words!

Go through the text and pull out sentences or phrases that you feel speak best to the audience. Which parts most effectively summarize the main points? Was there any content that people shared widely, or spoke about most often in the comments?

Read over the webinar as if you were reading an interview with someone who is deeply invested in helping the general public understand their subject. What would be most useful to that audience? Use that standard to guide you.

From there, you can identify quotes or meaningful segments, and use them as teaser copy. A few sentences in a tweet, when you already know the content speaks to your audience, may be all it takes to convince someone to watch the entire webinar. You can also do this with short clips or excerpts from the webinar itself.

What other venues can you use to display your knowledge to potential customers? That’s where your webinar needs to be.

Not your full webinar, mind. But you can create blog, website, and social media content that talks about the subjects discussed in your webinar. Wherever your audience gathers is where you need to be. Spread out the video clips, segments, and sections as needed.

Leverage your webinar content to create new materials
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Offer transcripts and/or the full replay to future customers.

A webinar doesn’t just live in the moment. Most webinar software companies offer recording and downloading options, allowing you complete autonomy over your webinar and its contents. Why not take advantage of it?

Customers that missed the boat on the first transmission will be thrilled to find that their chance to learn from your webinar isn’t completely gone.

Offering a replay at a lower price than the initial ticket may make many customers feel like they’ve received a good deal—while you keep a customer happy, or even avoid losing one, in the process.

Add the transcripts as a bundle deal after their first viewing (live or no), and you’ll have a customer that feels like they’ve received VIP treatment.

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