Focus Groups, Interviews, and More

Market research is an important part of product design, strategy, and marketing. For better or worse, learning about consumers' needs and preferences usually involves a lot of talking!

It can be tedious and even costly to spend time wading through recordings after a meeting or interview to review the discussion, gather quotes, and recall who said what.

That's where market research transcription comes in. Send us your audio or video recordings of focus groups, interviews, phone surveys, and more, and let us convert it all into legible, searchable documents in a range of file formats. Reading through a transcript and searching on keywords is a lot easier and more efficient than fast-forwarding through recordings looking for that one quote or data point. Need timestamps to correlate the text with your source material? We've got that too!

Whether you're a full-time market researcher managing campaigns for multiple clients, a marketing professional handling projects and product development within your own company, or a startup getting ready to launch the next big thing, at some point you're going to be talking to customers and potential customers about their needs and expectations. Let us help you make the most of those conversations by turning them into transcripts that will long outlast the usefulness of raw recordings.

Many companies and information-gathering organizations already rely on accurate market research transcriptions from CastingWords to further their business goals. Ready to join them? We have a variety of turnaround times to get you the transcripts you need, when you need them, at reasonable rates.

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