Focus on the conversation, not your notebook, when conducting interviews

Recording and transcribing interviews allows you to focus on the interview subject and fully engage in the conversation without worrying about note-taking.

Additionally, an interview transcript makes it easy to review the discussion, zoom in on key words and ideas, pull quotes, and identify the most interesting and relevant material. If you include the Timestamps upgrade, you will know exactly where in the recording to find a particular comment or quote.

We normally label speakers with their names (if known), or as Interviewer and Interviewee. However, if you have pseudonyms or participant codes, or any other preference, just let us know!

Tips: When recording your interview, make sure the microphone clearly picks up both speakers. Hold the conversation in a quiet place. Avoid outdoor recordings and public spaces such as restaurants, which tend to have excessive background noise.

Our standard transcription style is suitable for many recordings, but be sure to select the Verbatim upgrade if you want every single utterance (including um/uh, stutters, false starts, etc.)

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