Interview Transcription

A few people talking

Recording interviews for later transcription allows you to focus on the interview subject and fully engage in the interview. Having a transcript of your interview makes it easier for you to find the interesting and relevant material afterwards with a minimum of effort. Adding in timestamps makes it easy to refer back to the audio as well.

Common labeling for interviews is Interviewee/Interviewer format, but you can request any type of speaker labelling that you prefer. Verbatim transcripts are also possible upon request if you want to capture all the nuances of the interviewee's speech.

Tips: When recording your interview, make sure the microphone clearly picks up the interview subject. Recording in a quiet place instead of a noisy public place (such as a cafe) will save you a lot of money on transcription costs and increase accuracy in the finished transcription.

Large volumes can be ordered and paid for via invoicing, and bulk rate discounts are possible depending on the difficulty of the audio.

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