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Can Transcription Services Help with SEO?

Getting your website ranked higher on search engines is a great way to grow your podcast audience. Two of the major elements in SEO (search engine optimization) are fresh posts, and high quality content. You’re already doing the work of producing unique, high-quality podcast episodes. Transcribing them provides you with a tremendous amount of material that you can use to create high quality written content that will drive even more traffic to your site.…

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Grow Your Email List by Turning a Podcast Episode into an eBook

One challenge that many podcasters face when growing their email list is finding a good enough “hook” to entice people to subscribe. After all, you’ve got to give something to get something, and most of us get enough email as it is, right? Fortunately, some podcasters have discovered a great way to take an episode and turn it into a tool to get people to opt-in to your email list. You can grow your mailing list by turning a great episode into its very own eBook!…

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Increase Your Podcast Audience by Transcribing Your Episodes

You’ve put time, energy, and money into creating a podcast. Now, you face the challenge of increasing your audience size to make more money. Most podcasters struggle with this same problem, but a few have discovered an easy way to use existing podcast recordings to massively increase their audience in a short period of time. In order to grow your podcast, you need to get more eyeballs onto your content – period.…

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