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Holiday Hack: Let the CastingWords elves do your work for you!

Ready for some holiday magic?

Here’s a pro tip: The US holiday season is a great time for some “set it and forget it” transcription!

Your school, business, or organization may have some down time coming up, but CastingWords does not. In fact, with a seasonally lighter demand, many orders actually turn around more quickly at this time of year, and our Help Desk is available, as always, to answer any questions you may have.

Do you have a bunch of interviews recorded, a back catalog of videos on your website, or a couple dozen recorded podcasts, sermons, meetings, or seminars in the can?

The month of December is a great time to get it all transcribed at our low Budget transcription rate.

Two hands holding sparklers
Enjoy your time off, and come back to a pile of shiny new transcripts, to take your project to the next level. (Photo by Ian Schneider)

Start 2019 already ahead of the game

Start the new year with a pile of shiny new transcripts and get right to work:

  • Take your research or writing project to the next level, reading thorugh past interviews or focus groups, searching transcripts by keyword, etc.

  • Add subtitles or captions to your videos to improve accessibility on your website, or increase your rank on YouTube.

  • Post transcripts of your podcasts, sermons, meetings, or seminars to boost your SEO and provide more complete and accessible information to your audience and visitors.

  • Easily put together an e-book of your content to offer your customers or subscribers.

2019 yearly planner
What will you accomplish in 2019? Get a head start on it today! (Photo by Plush Design Studio)

Ready to get started?

Our wallet-friendly Budget transcription service is ideal for larger projects. Or, if you’re on a deadline, try 1-Week, or 1-Day service instead.