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Why You Need Video Transcription For Your Website In 2018

Though it may not seem like it, there’s a lot of the Internet that people don’t understand. We don’t mean in terms of confusing apps or content in other languages; today, we’re talking about web accessibility.

In 2018, the Department of Justice is due to announce new guidelines for web accessibility. When that happens, the rules for what websites need to do to ensure accessibility will be official…not to mention potentially enforceable. This may leave many companies open to fines or other sanctions if their web presences are not accessible to all potential visitors.

Many of us take for granted the ability to open up a page on the Internet and read an article, watch a video, or interact on social media whenever we want. If you are sighted, are not hearing impaired, are not colorblind, and do not have sensory impairments, you can access most of the Internet without problems of comprehension.

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However, not all websites are designed to serve the needs of populations with these special needs. Many websites fail to provide tools such as video transcription to act as alternative sources of information for users who are unable to make use of the primary content.

For the 54 percent of disabled adults in the US who use the Internet, that’s a problem.

Many small things can be done to enhance accessibility for people with impairments. One of the easiest to implement is providing text alternatives for all of your site’s video content.

Achieving widespread accessibility for video content would represent a big step forward for the Internet at large. Video is slated to emerge as the prime type of content on social media. Video on the web includes not only YouTube content, but lectures, webinars, and even music. Transcribing that content allows people to enjoy art and participate in educational and cultural exchange regardless of any potential impairment.

As a key piece of the accessibility puzzle, video transcription services represent arguably one of the most affordable forms of accessibility modifications available on the market today. Accessibility audits can take up to six months, and often unearth problems that require back-end programming alterations to repair.

Transcription is a piece of the accessibility puzzle
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Any effort that makes a website more accessible is worthwhile, but in terms of time and effort, not all efforts are created equal!

Accessibility to people who are not able to use a mouse or trackpad involves testing a website for complete keyboard compatibility. Image formatting (such as adding alt tags) requires less expertise but often involves going through libraries of hundreds or even thousands of images. Video transcription, on the other hand, can be accomplished as quickly as next week, or even overnight!

Web accessibility is a big issue in 2018. We’re all doing our part to make our websites more accessible, but many of those steps take time. Video transcription helps your company make a significant move toward accessibility, right now.

While you’re building your site to be more accessible to all of your potential customers, reach out about video transcription. For smaller companies, check out our Budget transcription option and start your accessibility effort right away.