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Can Transcription Services Help with SEO?

Getting your website ranked higher on search engines is a great way to grow your podcast audience. Two of the major elements in SEO (search engine optimization) are fresh posts, and high quality content.

You’re already doing the work of producing unique, high-quality podcast episodes. Transcribing them provides you with a tremendous amount of material that you can use to create high quality written content that will drive even more traffic to your site.

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You might be thinking, “If I transcribe all of my podcasts, then won’t people stop listening to my episodes?” No, and here’s why: People like to take in information in different ways. Some people love listening, some like reading, and others prefer to watch. That’s why a multi-pronged approach is most effective in driving more traffic to your podcast. Use every medium available to get your content in front of more people.

Try taking a portion of a transcribed podcast episode and putting it into a blog post. This creates two elements that search engines love in a website; new material and unique, high-quality content, all while getting more of your keywords onto the site.

Google loves both freshness and quality. Old, stagnant websites are less likely to rank well for search terms, even if the keywords are present. Sites that offer up new material on a regular basis are more likely to climb in search rankings.

We recommend transcribing each podcast immediately after recording it, then taking a portion of the episode and using it as a “teaser” for your blog. On the day you release your episode, share your blog post on your social media pages to send listeners to iTunes or Stitcher.

Give it a try today! We have 1-Day turnaround if you’re on a deadline, or try our 1-Week or low-cost Budget service. They all deliver the same great product.

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