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Hassle free, high quality video transcription. A bunch of formats, done right.

CastingWords has been doing transcription since 2005. And while we didn't start out doing Video, it's a major part of our business now! Today we handle 100s of video formats including the biggies: M4V, MOV and WMA - streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

No account need, order in 60 seconds.

CastingWords' Transcription Services

Founded in 2005, we've been focused on building quality into our product from Day 1. We're a technology focused company - and our workflow is what makes our services different and better than the rest.

Our process has more than 10 people check every transcript - no matter how short. That same process finds the best people to complete your job - 24 x 7. Meaning we always provide high quality, and timely, transcription services.

Quality Transcripts

We catch the difficult words, do the research, and produce rocking transcripts.

A product to fit your needs

1 day, and 6 day and budget, services deliver a transcript when you need it at a price you can afford - all with clear upfront pricing.

Simple Transcript Delivery

Transcripts are emailed to you as they are completed - and you can always pick them up here on the site.

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I ♥ CastingWords.
CastingWords seems like a magic trick to me—I babble for an hour, upload an MP3, and, somehow, they turn that into paragraphs. In, like, a day. It's nuts. Like making a lady disappear. Love these guys

Merlin Mann