Subscription FAQ

Transcription of your podcasts (and more)!

How do I set up a subscription?
The process is simple. Just follow these steps:
  1. Login to your account, or create one.
  2. Go to the subscription tab.
  3. "Add a new RSS Feed URL," and delete old ones if you'd like.
  4. You can add to your balance, which is necessary for us to start transcription :)
  5. Add to your balance so we can start your transcription.
  6. After you've added to your balance, click the link next to your feed to "Transcribe Past Audio," and select anything that existed in your feed before you started your subscription that you want transcribed.
Can I have a feed with 1- or 6-day service?
Yes. We offer all three of our transcription services: 1- or 6-day guaranteed turnaround transcription, and budget transcription. When you add a feed, you will see a pull-down menu of services to choose from.
Can I have a feed with timestamps?
Yes! There is a check box to enable this.
Can I have a feed with difficult audio?
Yep! This is available by special request.
What kinds of feeds are supported?
We support RSS 2.0 feeds with audio enclosures. To learn more about RSS 2.0 please read this specification.
What kinds of audio enclosures do you accept?
At this point we only fully support MP3 enclosures but will automatically transcribe M4A, WMA, and WAV enclosures. With these, however, we may have issues and need to contact you. The mime types in the RSS for enclosures must be correct. For instance, we will not process an MP3 with a non-audio mime type (e.g., PDF).
What about audio quality?
To deliver such affordable transcripts we need to receive podcast/broadcast quality audio.
How am I charged?
We check feeds at least once every six hours and download new enclosures. We process each file, charge your balance, and if there are sufficient funds we begin transcription. Once we've downloaded a file it should show up on your Current Status page. If your account has insufficient funds we will email you.
Where can I see what I've been charged?
All transactions show up on your Subscription History. All completed transcripts are listed on your customer home page.
There is a problem with my feed, what should I do?
Check your feed against, and make sure the feed is valid. After that make sure the enclosure tag has a good URL and mime type (you'd be surprised how often mistakes happen here). Check to see if there is a message at the top of the subscriptions page -- sometimes we tell you exactly what's wrong here. If this doesn't work please email us at
How often do you check the feed?
We check your feed at least once every six hours.
How do I stop my subscription?
Login to your account and click on the "Subscription" link. Check the "Delete" box for each podcast subscription you want to cancel. Then press the "Update" button. See the next question if you want to receive a refund for your prepaid balance.
How can I get a refund for my prepaid balance?
Email us to request a balance refund -- please include "Request Balance Refund" in the Subject line. You can view your current balance by clicking the "Prepay" link.