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I Need My Transcript In Under 24 Hours, can I get rush service?

I need my transcript ASAP! In under 24 hours if possible. Can I request a “RUSH” order?

While we cannot guarantee less than 24-hour turnaround, there are a few things you can be do to make sure your order is transcribed and delivered in the absolute minimum amount of time possible.

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Got a need for speed? Read on! (Photo by Alessio Lin)

First, if your order has already been placed, in most cases it’s too late to rush completion. If you haven’t placed your order yet, here are some steps and requirements for a rush order:

  1. Whether you upload an audio or a video file, the audio track must be high quality. Your recording should be podcast quality (professionally recorded), with each speaker individually mic’d.
  2. You can order multiple recordings at once, but each individual file must be under 60 minutes in length – sorry, no exceptions.
  3. You must add the Difficult Audio upgrade to your file. This enables us to offer increased pay to the workers who handle your urgent file, which goes a long way toward speeding things up.
  4. The file cannot include the Verbatim upgrade. Full verbatim service is more difficult and time-consuming to produce.
  5. You must include a message in the “Notes” field indicating that it is a rush order, such as “This is a RUSH order, please do everything possible to see it’s delivered in less than 24 hours!” or even simply “Please RUSH RUSH RUSH!” If ordering multiple rush files, each file needs its own note.
  6. If the crew, interviewer, other participants, audience members, or other voices are heard off-mic, your note (again, in the “Notes” field) must clearly indicate that off-mic speech should not be transcribed. Otherwise, our transcribers are required to transcribe all speakers, and the added challenge of off-mic speech will slow things down.
  7. It almost goes without saying, but you need to order our Expedited transcription service.
  8. If any of our Difficult Audio criteria can be applied, then we cannot honor a request for a rush order.

If possible, try to give us a heads up before placing the order, so we can give you an idea of whether under-24-hour delivery is possible. Sometimes our order load is too heavy to permit a realistic chance of early delivery.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we’re unable to deliver a rush order in less than 24 hours. We do not offer refunds for rush orders, as we may have to offer our transcribers and editors extra bonuses above and beyond our usual production costs.

Sticky notes on a wall
When every minute counts. (Photo by Veri Ivanova)


Click here to begin your Expedited Transcription order. Or, if your current project isn’t that urgent, try out our 1-Week or Budget Transcription service.