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How Can Your Business Use Transcription Services?

Here at CastingWords, we want to provide a text counterpart for every type of audio and video recording our customers can produce. We provide reliable transcription services to our customers so they can keep focusing on what matters to them; their own businesses and lives.

A good percentage of our customers come to us with occasional projects, ordering one or two transcripts here and there. But some businesses come back time and time again, relying on our help with large quantities of material and recurring projects. Many are trying to set up their websites for optimum accessibility, allowing every potential customer to have access to their work and content.

What types of projects can benefit from transcriptions? Many more than you may believe! If your company is planning on undertaking any of the following projects, you may want to consider transcription as a part of your launch.

Difficult audio
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Are you planning out regular video content in 2018?

Video is slated to become one of the most far-reaching forms of content posted on social media. Subtitles and captions make it possible for every viewer and listener to glean important information from the video, even if they can’t hear or fully perceive what the video contains.

Captions produced from a full transcription have even been shown to increase the watch time of the videos that contain them.

Are you planning on hosting live events or webinars?

There’s nothing more helpful to an attendee of an event than notes about the event’s main points. A transcription of a live lecture contains details that even the most diligent of note-takers may have missed.

You’ll be providing a major asset to your customers if you offer a transcript of the talk after your next company event. People will be able to refer back to past information, reminding them of your expert position in the industry.

Offering a direct record of the information your event contained is also a great exclusive freebie for people who invested in attending the event. A transcript-as-reference reinforces the idea that your company hosts exclusive, helpful events.

Transcribe conferences for maximum impact
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Are you starting a podcast?

If you’re starting a podcast, we highly recommend setting up a regular transcription service for your company.

With dozens (or even hundreds!) of episodes and unique content coming out your company, you’ll want to transcribe each episode and post the text on your website. Your listeners will visit the site to refresh their memory of details from their favorite episodes, and your new visitors will be able to get up to speed!

Transcription is right for you

Overall, transcriptions only add to the worth of any offering you produce that is meant to reach out to customers. You never know when one of your transcripts will provide a helpful detail to a customer, cementing your company’s position as an expert in the field.

It’s all about providing a quality product to your customers. Transcripts provide access to your material, reaching people who otherwise would not have been able to take in the information. It only makes sense to design content that appeals to every potential customer that may investigate your company.

But even beyond accessibility, transcripts are a tool that cannot be ignored as your business designs its marketing strategy.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for 1-Day service, 1-Week transcription, or our low-cost Budget option. We can’t wait to help your company provide the best product possible for your customers!