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Customer Center User Interface Q&A

Ordering transcription services from CastingWords is generally a very simple process, but as with any online transaction, there are a few questions that could arise. Here are the answers to some of them:

I uploaded my files, but now my cart is empty!

If you close, refresh, or navigate away from the order form before you have gone through checkout (paid for the order), you may lose access to your shopping cart and its contents.

If this occurs, don’t worry! As long as you were logged into your account at the time, you probably don’t need to start over.

Just shoot us an email at support@CastingWords.com using the email address associated with your account and let us know what happened.

In most cases, we’ll be able to find the cart and send you a checkout link so you can go ahead and place your order without having to re-upload anything.

Empty cart
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I selected several files to upload at once, or tried to select a whole folder, but only one/some of my files are in the cart.

At this time, our direct upload option only supports individual file uploads. You can upload batches of files using our Dropbox interface, FTP, or by uploading a ZIP file.

This indicates that your link went to a webpage, media player, or stream, rather than directly to an audio or video file. The error page will tell you what to do, and as always you can email support for assistance if needed.

I placed several orders, and now all of a sudden my credit card is declined?

Multiple charges to the same card in quick succession may not go through. In most cases, you can wait a few minutes and try again.

There are three ways to prevent this from happening on future orders:

  • You can put all your files into your shopping cart at once and go through checkout a single time, rather than ordering each file individually. Use the “Add Another Item” link (just above the estimated total on the checkout page) to go back and select more files to add to your cart.

  • You can set up automatic billing to your card on file. Go to your Account > Billing page, select the desired card, and click the Start Billing button.

  • Institutional and corporate customers can contact us to ask about invoicing.

My order came out under a colleague’s email address

This often happens when someone leaves a company or is away on vacation, and someone else is working from their computer. It generally means that you were signed into the other person’s CastingWords account at first, often without realizing it, then signed into your own when it came time to check out.

The order is still placed successfully, and is associated with your account, not your colleague’s. Simply email support (or reply to the order confirmation message) and we’ll fix the email for you.

Making sure you’re signed into your own account before starting should prevent this from happening again. If the problem persists, you may want to double check whether a password manager is logging you into the other account automatically. You could also try clearing cookies or working in a different browser.

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My credit card doesn’t show up at checkout.

If your default credit card is not showing at checkout, it might be for one of the following reasons.

The card is expired.

  • This one’s simple! Double check that the card you are trying to use is still valid. If it’s not, it may no longer show. Use your replacement/renewed card to check out, and the new info will be saved for next time.

You’re not logged into your CastingWords store account.

  • Check to see if you are logged in. If you are, you will see your email address in the page footer (under the Customer section). If you are not, you will see Log In fields, both in the site header and on the checkout page, where your card information would normally be. Go ahead and log in to access your saved payment info. You will not lose the contents of your shopping cart.

The card was removed as a payment method and/or another provided card became the default payment method.

  • If there is a card listed, but it’s not the one you want to use, click on Change payment method. If the desired card is listed, click on it. This will take you back to Checkout with the desired card. If your desired card is not listed, click Add payment method, enter the card info, then click on Add new payment method, which again will take you back to Checkout.

You’re logged into someone else’s account.

  • Log out of of the incorrect account and into your own. See the “My order came out under a colleague’s email address” section, above, for info on how this can happen and how to prevent it.

Still puzzled about something? Drop us a line and we’ll take a look!

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