I ♥ CastingWords.

"CastingWords seems like a magic trick to me—I babble for an hour, upload an MP3, and, somehow, they turn that into paragraphs. In, like, a day. It's nuts. Like making a lady disappear. Love these guys"

As for CastingWords, I couldn’t be happier with it.

"You simply provide a link to the audio file, tell them how long the audio runs, then pay the fee. Very simple. Very easy. "

The most accurate and detailed of all our services.

"We were constantly surprised that phrases or names that other companies missed, from “tabula rasa” to “turducken” (it's a Cajun specialty), were identified and spelled correctly."
- Charles Passy, The Wall Street Journal

I want to recommend them to you.

"And when a 45 minute conference talk only costs £30 to transcribe, it’s difficult to imagine why organisers of for-profit conferences wouldn’t provide a transcript of their events."

That's just astoundingly cost-effective, and the quality of the results is excellent.

"The transcriber went the extra mile to correctly identify Det Norske Veritas. Impressive!"
- Jon Udell

This service is a keeper.

"I really love CastingWords. It is so great that one less thing in my Internet business requires me to deal with finding my a service provider myself. Not only is it cheaper than a solo transcriber would charge, the results are more predictable and it takes all of 2 minutes to request and pay for a transcription."

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