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Break Through Writer's Block Using Digital Transcription Services

Writer’s block is not the boss of you! Writer’s block is when your mind seizes up and it feels like no ideas are going to come out of it ever again. The characters fall silent. No time passes in the world you’ve created. No new words come to the page. You’re completely dried up. It’s one of the worst feelings for a writer! But it’s not incurable. You’ll find your ideas again!…

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Four Recording Devices We Recommend

Ready to move beyond cell phone recordings? Read on! Four Recording Devices That We Recommend Digital recording devices vary widely in terms of their features and the level of technical expertise required…and of course new products are constantly being released! Some devices trade off physical ease of use for more memory space. Others may have plenty of disc space, only to run into issues when connecting to your comptuer or other external device in order to share your files.…

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