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Simplify Order Tracking With a Master Account

Do You Spend Too Much Time Tracking Down Credit Card Transactions?

If several of your employees or team members have CastingWords accounts, keeping track of credit card transactions and who placed which order can get confusing.

For example, a customer emails CastingWords Support:

Hi Guys,

Iā€™m looking for the receipt for a charge of $652.50, on my Visa ending with **42. The transaction is dated 10/10/2017. I looked through all of our CastingWords accounts, but can’t find anything in that amount. I need to submit my department’s expense report by the end of the day. Please…help me!

Frustrated In Fresno

Tracking down that information can be a time-consuming task for you, your company, and for CastingWords Support; you don’t like wasting time, and except for the odd day here and there, we don’t care to spend too much time combing through our credit card processor’s site… šŸ˜±

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After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with a convenient tool to simplify necessary but bothersome bookkeeping details: a single master corporate account can serve as the billing contact for any number of individual subaccounts.

This can be set up between just two accounts, if one member of your company needs to place orders while another employee or department is responsible for billing, or a master account can serve as the billing contact for as many subaccounts as desired.

For larger companies, you may even want more than one master account, with each one responsible for the orders placed by a particular department.

The Benefits of a Master Corporate Account

The master account can place its own orders if desired, and also has access to orders placed by all of its subaccounts. Subaccount holders can only view their own orders. Both account types can check order status, download transcriptions, view receipts, and more, in the Customer Center.

Subaccounts receive email notifications for order confirmation, any technical issues, upgrade suggestions, and delivered transcriptions. The master account receives all final receipts by email, and can also consult them in the Customer Center.

Each receipt displays the email address of the account that placed the order, so now instead of scratching your head over who ordered what, you will have the info there, in one place, in black and white.

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Setting Up Your Corporate Accounts

Getting started couldn’t be easier! Make sure each team member has an account – anyone who’s not set up yet can click here to create an account.

Then shoot us a message at support@castingwords.com from the email you want to use as master, listing the email address(es) you want it to cover, and we’ll set you right up.

Likewise, adding or removing subaccounts is as easy as dropping us a line from the master account email and letting us know what updates are needed.

Corporate Accounts With Net 30 Invoicing

If your master account is set up for Net 30 invoicing, the subaccounts will see a “Send Me an Invoice” button at checkout. The master account will receive all invoices by email, and of course they’re also available in the Customer Center.