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Zapier for Better Transcription Workflows

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Today we launched Zapier integration, which makes it even easier to order and process your transcripts.

Zapier is a free service that lets you “Automate the web”. What this means is that they make it simple to connect multiple services and have them do things automatically. And for transcription customers what this means is that you can now set up a Dropbox* folder so that every time you drop a MP3 in it, CastingWords will transcribe it. Or you can configure a Google doc to update with the latest completed transcript as soon as it’s done. Or have Zapier IM you, or email your teammates when a transcript is completed.

Any number of scenarios are possible by connecting up the 241 supported services. Which means less time and effort getting things transcribed, and more time spent on other things. Read more about getting started here or look at some sample integrations.

* or SkyDrive or Box