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Dropbox Uploads!

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Today we launched Dropbox uploads in the store.

Dropbox is a free service that syncs and backs up your files. It can also be use to share files easily - which is the bit of the service CastingWords is going to use. Using Dropbox you can upload your files to us, without “uploading” at all.  Simply drop the file in the Apps/CastingWords subfolder, and it’ll be there waiting for you when you area ready to place your next order.

To use Dropbox, login to your account and order as usual. On the second step of the checkout, where you pick the audio to transcribe, there will be a new Dropbox tab.  Select it, authorize us to access your account, and we’ll show you everything in your Apps/CastingWords directory (which Dropbox will create for you when you authorize us.) Choose the file you would like transcribed, and continue as usual!


Founder CastingWords